The formation weekend at Pwani University (25th – 27th) was quite an experience both for the facilitating team as well as the students and those in attendance. The coast region was well represented with two representatives from Malindi and three from Mombasa joining Pwani University in the formation program. The highlight of this formation weekend was the sharing from one of the university CLCers (In purple shirt) that left many of the participants in admiration. The CLCer, a second year student at the university, is physically challenged. He is a partial orphan and the mum is a house wife with no source of income. His relatives deserted him and his family due to his condition. Since he has no form of sponsorship, he works during school holidays with lots of struggles to raise fees for himself and his younger brother’s. His disability has not prevented him from pursuing his dreams and living life to the fullest. He participates in liturgical dances in the school and is a representative of the disabled in the student council. In spite of all the happenings in his life, he has remained faithful to God.
His determination to prosper and positive view of life was quite an inspiration to many. His experience encouraged the participants to be able to see and find God in all that they do and go through no matter how challenging the situation may be. God bless him…God bless Coast Area CLC groups
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