The Kisii area formation weekend held on 2nd – 4th October was one event not to miss out on. The two groups, friends of Christ and Light of Christ, were well represented. The groups were hosted at Nyabururu Parish, a serene and conducive environment for a retreat. Thanks to the team for their warm reception and active participation in the event and to the parish priest for accepting to host the event. Kisii area comprises of very vibrant mature men and women with a strong will to serve God. In attendance were four members who have committed to permanently embrace CLC as their way of life with other members seeking support for Spiritual Exercises to enable them make permanent commitments.
During the formation, our great musician, Fr. Richard D’Souza (Ecclesiatical Assistant) also had the opportunity to teach the group a couple of new songs which they seemed to enjoy so much. One outstanding feature about Kisii area members is their desire to grow deeply in CLC and their strong commitment to follow the CLC process of growth. They acknowledge that CLC is the work of God thus we should allow God to work in us according to his will. This is a challenge to us all to reflect and discern deeply on our call and commitment to CLC. In All Things To Learn, Love and Serve
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