How to Become a CLC Member

CLC, being a lay movement, is open to all lay persons willing to be formed in the Ignatian spirituality. For one to become a member they are invited on a come and see experience. This is achieved through attending some of the CLC events or group meetings to enable the aspirant have a feel of what it means to be a CLCer.  Once they successfully get through this initial stage, they get attached to a group, putting into consideration age, location and their level of formation while they continue discerning more as they grow in their faith. This is the induction stage. After a period of 6months to one year of discernment, they make a decision to either stay or move on to another vocation. After one year of journeying with a group, they are invited to make a temporary commitment which is renewed annually for about four years. On their 3rd year of living the CLC way of life, they receive an invitation to start discerning on making a permanent commitment having completed the Full Spiritual Exercises (19th Annotation). To make a permanent commitment one should be 25years of age and above. The invitation to make a commitment is through recommendation by group members, through the coordinator, who gives an evaluation of the individual’s commitment level in living the Spirituality.

Because of the Mission nature of CLC, there is a financial obligation attached to membership. Therefore, individuals willing to become members of CLC must be ready and willing to support CLC activities financially as will be stipulated. The financial support is given through the respective groups.

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