World CLC day officially is celebrated on the 25th of March worldwide during the feast of the Annunciation. In Nairobi, we celebrated the World CLC Day on 26th March 2017 at Loreto Convent Valley road. Members who graced the occasion were CLCers from Nairobi with a few new members as well as visitors. The event began with celebration of mass by the acting EA. Fr. Terry Charlton, SJ who gave a wonderful and enriching homily. During mass, 5 members made their 1st Temporary commitment while 5 other members renewed their commitment to continue embracing CLC as their way of life for another period of one year. The theme of the celebration was on “Remembering” picked from project 166. The presenters of the day, Mr. Bernard (Executive Sec.) and Ms. Clotilda (Vice-president) could not have captured this theme better than they did. They took us through memory lane…the initiation of CLC (formerly known as Marian Congregations) both internationally and in Kenya.
In brief, for the sake of those who were not in attendance….1n 1584 Marian congregations was officially recognized by the church; 1967 was the re-branding of the name CLC from Marian congregations; In 1989 CLC was started in Kenya; 1990 saw Kenya attend the World Assembly for the first time as observers and in 1994 Kenya was incorporated into the World Assembly and has since remained an active member with our very own…Ms Edel Churu as our representative and a member in the World EXCO. It was great to know how far we have come as the CLC fraternity. It was clear that so much had transpired both in the world over as well as in Kenya and so much put in place to make CLC what it is today. The journey of grace upon grace was a calling from members to show commitment, love and embrace CLC as their way of life thereby leaving a legacy. It was indeed a fruitful discussion and it is hoped that the insights gained will help in making CLC better by strengthening the membership and commitment of members. The generosity of members in terms of the food supplies cannot go unmentioned as there was plenty to eat and drink. God bless you all. All this we do for the greater glory of God!!!
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