St. Aloysius School, through CLC, was delighted to host a team of four Jesuits working for Fey y Alegria who visited the premises on Friday September 1, 2017. Fey Alegria is a federation of local organizations which offer Jesuit education opportunities to the vulnerable and poorest in the society. Fey y Alegria is a Spanish phrase which translates to “Faith and Joy”. It was founded in Caracas Venezuela, in 1955 by Fr. Jose Maria Velaz, SJ. The team had a sharing with St. Al‘s Co-founder Fr. Terry Charlton, SJ, The school principal Mr. Michael Kimotho and CLC Secretariat officials. The sharing focused on effective collaboration between CLC and Jesuits. After the brief sharing, the visitors were taken to a tour around the school and had interactions with some classes where they were treated to Spanish music by a form three class.
Fey y Alegria was flaunted as one way CLC members in education ministry could apply “Contemplation in Action”. The team was amazed by the work CLC Kenya was doing and encouraged us to continue the wonderful work of serving the little ones of the kingdom. A big thank you to the Fey y Alegria team and those they represent for the opportunity to collaborate and network with us for the greater good. All this for the greater glory of God!

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