Rehema CLC group forms the National Mission Team. Rehema is a Kiswahili word meaning grace. The members of the group are fully committed to CLC way of life. The members of the team are;
The National Mission Team
Bernard Kithusi (group coordinator) Lucina Koyio Lucy Soja
Maryanne Agoya Caroline Ochich Rita Safari
Pamela Wekesa
The Roles Of The National Mission Team
  1. To help members and communities to live an apostolic life. Through the CLC newsletter (Clarion), sharing information and experiences, participating in formation days, sharing information via email, reading and sharing in the CLC progressio. The CLC tool for mission is discernment, sending, supporting and evaluating.
  2. Facilitating experience sharing and reflections by members in ;
    1. Giving guidance in discernment on priority areas for mission.
    2. Encouraging attendance to group meetings and area formations.
    3. Reflecting on the General Principles and living them faithfully.
    4. Being faithful to daily Examen and living in the dynamics of the Exercises
    5. Financial co responsibility to CLC mission projects.
  3. To collect feedback from groups and areas apostolates and form a database for sharing of experiences by groups with commonalities.
  4. To generate and keep an updated membership register giving details on areas of growth, levels of growth in CLC (status of members in temporary and permanent commitments and existing gaps) Spiritual Exercises, retreats attended, individual and group mission, analysis of existing university groups and needs for growth.
  5. To create and maintain functional links with CLC mission areas/projects e.g. St. Aloysious Secondary School, Zaidi Centre for Ignatian Spirituality and other collaborators.

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